Sustainable Energy Plan Mastery Project

Sustainable Energy Plan

The purpose of this Mastery Project is to explore the relationship between matter in its different forms and the energy that can be produced by converting matter into fuel. You will review various types of matter, revisit kinetic and potential energy, follow the path from energy source to fuel in your home/business, practice reading energy bills from local utility companies, and interview a representative from a utility company serving your community. You goal is synthesize what you learn and to present your case for investing in a specific renewable energy source to more than 20,000 attendees at a global energy conference. You will research the cost of implementing a renewable energy source in your home, calculate the cost savings over time, determine the break-even point for your investment, and produce a video that summarizes your findings.

Climate Forecast Mastery Project

Climate Forecast

The purpose of this investigation is to explore water’s different states and how they influence climate. You will learn about the difference between weather and climate, and how irregular weather offers clues about what to expect in the future. You will learn to explain the greenhouse effect, convert between different temperature scales, research safe CO2 levels in the atmosphere, and examine the visual images and global impact of receding glaciers. You will go outside to observe and classify different cloud formations and use your observations to predict upcoming weather. You will close your Mastery Project by creating a weather forecast for a chosen city or region around the world 50 years from today, and presented your findings in a video.

Food Critique Mastery Project

Food Critique

Going to the grocery store can be an overwhelming experience today, filled with dozens of options for each product and coded food labels that take an expert eye to decipher. In this project, you will learn about our modern food system and how it evolved, identify and interpret different food certifications, and spend some time in the kitchen preparing and comparing your favorite dish. Develop your palate and indulge in unusual taste tests by investigating Food Critique.

GMO Debate

GMO Debate

Genetically modified organisms continue to be a topic of intense public debate, extending beyond laboratories and into the public sphere. In this project, you will examine the science of genetics and genetic modification, conduct an original survey of the pros and cons of GMOs, and present an evidence-based argument supporting one side of the debate. Learn about the science of GMOs and the ongoing controversy surrounding them by investigating GMO Debate.

Plant Mimicry

Plant Mimicry

Biomimicry, whose name captures its purpose, is a way of thinking about human design with tools inspired by nature. In this project, you will explore environment-based, sustainable approaches to innovation, observe and analyze plants in your surroundings, and apply your knowledge to solve a problem through biomimetic design. Learn about biomimicry and plant biology by investigating Plant Mimicry.