Tool Design Mastery Project

Tool Design

This Mastery Project requires big picture exposure to the field of I-O Psychology — its history, fundamental psychological relevance, and systems dynamics (an organization’s ability to attract and serve its employees symbiotically). Upon completion of the Mastery Project, you will be of greater value to every community in which you meaningfully engage, and you will experience a shift in your relationships with yourself, others, and the world.

Dramatic Chorus Mastery Project

Dramatic Chorus

For thousands of years, drama has been used to communicate the comedy and tragedy of life, often making astute observations about society and contemporary issues. In this project, you will draw from the example of Lorraine Hansberry’s play, A Raisin in the Sun, to consider the modern role of women, facilitate a conversation about societal roles and values in your own community, and write a script featuring a dramatic chorus remarking on a current issue of your choice. Learn about how drama can be used for staging social commentary in Dramatic Chorus.

Dramatic Dialogue Mastery Project

Dramatic Dialogue

From ancient times, theater has provided an opportunity for communities to stage their challenges and rehearse ways of dealing with them. Drawing from the example of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, this project will guide you in an exploration of how social roles have evolved over time and space, allow you to identify women from history who have challenged female stereotypes, and write a script for an imagined dialogue about how society has shaped our concept of gender. Travel back in history and use your imagination to stage a vibrant dinner conversation in Dramatic Dialogue.

Future Time Capsule Mastery Project

Future Time Capsule

Analyzing the current state of race, gender, and class relations is crucial in the ongoing fight against inequality, and useful for measuring social progress. In this project, you will explore the status of equality in the U.S. today and the example of affirmative action in addressing racial discrimination, conduct an interview that teaches you about another country’s efforts to promote equality, and produce a time capsule from the future with specific documentary evidence of progress toward achieving equal rights and justice for all. Learn how assessing different forms of discrimination within a society can lead to a compelling vision for eradicating inequality by investigating Future Time Capsule.

Gender Equality Comparison Mastery Project

Gender Equality Comparison

Despite global movements for gender equality, there is no country on Earth that pays women the same as men. In this project, you’ll learn about the gender pay gap and other statistics, explore what gender inequality looks like in your community, and prepare a global comparison that identifies countries making the greatest strides towards gender equality. Consider how to make the world more equitable by investigating Gender Equality Comparison.

History Book Revision Mastery Project

History Book Revision

You may have heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what about history? Your interpretation of history depends on who the storyteller is and what point of view they are trying to preserve. In this project, you will take on the challenging role of a historian by studying seminal works on race, gender, and class, gathering the perspective of an individual who witnessed or participated an historical event and using all your discoveries to write an accurate historical account of a specific time in history. Use research and personal stories to retell history by investigation History Book Revision.

Freedom Song

Freedom Song

Famous for leading the nonviolent independence movement against the British in India, Mahatma Gandhi’s methods have been studied by civil rights activists for decades. In this project, you will learn the philosophy behind Gandhi’s strategy, speak with someone who has endured or witnessed segregation, and draw inspiration from your role models to write your own song for freedom. Learn about nonviolent campaigns and how to organize your own movement by investigating Freedom Song.

Unity Poster

Unity Poster

Political speeches can be used to inspire and mobilize individuals, and provide valuable lessons in effective rhetoric. In this project, you will identify elements of rhetoric that promote unity and analyze these at work in a historical example, study the unifying force of political art in your community, and create your own rhetorical piece to inspire unity around a cause you deem important. Learn about how to unite an audience using effective rhetorical techniques in Unity Poster.