Meaning of Life Mastery Project

Meaning of Life

Photographic images are used by journalists to illustrate real-life stories of the here and now and can affect a reader’s understanding and interest in the news. In this project, you will learn skills and concepts that guide the work of photojournalists, interview and photograph an individual you believe has an interesting perspective on the meaning of life, and produce a finished piece of photojournalism based on your philosophical discussion. Learn essential skills of photography and the critical thinking behind the composition of images that daily shape the way we see the world by investigating Meaning of Life.

Self-Portrait Mastery Project


In Self-portrait, you will examine a range of self-assessments and use them to better understand yourself and your lifelong journey of change — personal, academic, and professional. You will learn to consider each assessment’s psychological verifiability. You will critique these assessments, identifying benefits and limitations, so you may better understand both their power to assist human interaction and their potential to create barriers. You will channel your self-discovery into the creation of a self-portrait, which is explained through an artist’s statement.

Social Impact Pitch Mastery Project

Social Impact Pitch

You are a social entrepreneur seeking to positively impact the world. You are pitching your business to an audience with the potential to dramatically influence your ability to bring your product/service to market and build a sustainable organization. Your goal is to produce a video pitch because your audience is global. To prepare for your pitch, you will dive into the concepts of mission and vision, discover your “hedgehog concept”, create budget projections, and craft a marketing and sales plan that can be executed through your proposed organizational structure. But in the end, social entrepreneurship hinges on YOU; will you be able to convince investors to support you and consumers to buy your product?

Endurance Survival Manual Mastery Project

Endurance Survival Manual

If you aspire to achieve your dreams and goals, life is sure to be filled with twists and turns that test your mental and physical endurance. In this project, you will learn from others who have overcome obstacles to achieve a life mission; gathered words of wisdom from your trusted advisors; and articulated your life plan through a survival manual that includes a timeline, inspirational quotes, and strategies for prevailing over any roadblocks you meet along the way. Create your life’s action plan in Survival Manual.

Endurance Video Mastery Project

Endurance Video

Do you have the skills necessary to achieve your goals? In this project, you will learn the techniques and methods developed by ambitious individuals who have achieved the impossible, identified a key skill you need to practice to execute a specific goal, and documented yourself developing that skill through a video diary. Challenge yourself, endure, and take the first step in achieving a personal dream by creating your own Endurance Video.

Future Autobiography Mastery Project

Future Autobiography

Autobiographies transport us into someone else’s world and allow us to experience life from another perspective. In this project, you will tell your own story by crafting your life mission and vision, identifying the strengths and weaknesses that will help and hinder the completion of your mission, and writing Chapter 1 of your own autobiography, from the perspective of your well-accomplished future self. Investigate your life purpose and design your path to achievement in Future Autobiography.

M.A.G.I.C. Plan Mastery Project

M.A.G.I.C. Plan

In this Mastery Project your challenge is as real as it gets: your life. The purpose of M.A.G.I.C. Plan (Mentoring Achievement of Goals and Inspiring Champions) is for you to identify a guiding light, and to learn from his or her example to create the life of which you dream. Your research and investigation will inspire you and help you clarify your goals, make a plan, and put it into motion. Highlighted throughout your M.A.G.I.C. journey are real people who demonstrate leadership, collaboration (teamwork), strategy, and endurance. You will use their lives — including their very public and scrutinized successes and failures — to reflect on your own challenges and successes, and to determine the pathways to your ideal future. You will discover to what extent you admire and learn from the experiences, failures, and wisdom of others. This will not be easy. No one can do the work for you. But this Mastery Project is all about you. The case studies are merely a starting point.

Declaration of Independent Study

Declaration of Independent Study

Nations, like arguments, are founded upon a set of basic principles or claims; they are the assertion of sovereignty made by a collective. In this project, you will outline the structure of arguments, analyze key elements of a nation’s founding document (U.S. Declaration of Independence), test the premises of a nation’s argument through an interview and reflection, and craft your own argument for “independence”. Learn about the anatomy of argument and the claims of nationhood by investigating Declaration of Independent Study.