United Nations Speech Mastery Project

United Nations Speech

Year-round access to fresh vegetables and tropical fruits is evidence of a global food system that has taken centuries to develop. In this project, you will explore the human and environmental costs of our modern food system, observe local plant life, and examine the threats to our current way of eating. Grapple with how to feed the world nutritiously and sustainably in United Nations Speech.

Voice of a Generation Podcast Mastery Project

Voice of a Generation Podcast

In addition to television and print, journalism is also produced and shared in purely audio form through radio broadcasts and digital podcasts. In this project, you will learn skills and concepts that guide the work of radio-journalists, interview an individual about the most influential voice of their time, and produce a podcast that presents the story of that voice by creatively integrating different interview and sound elements. Learn about the role of a radio-journalist and produce your own podcast using the essential skills of interviewing, script-writing, and sound-editing by investigating Voice of a Generation Podcast.

Epidemic Map Mastery Project

Epidemic Map

The discovery of a cure depends upon understanding the disease, its context, and its lifespan, both within the body of the affected patient and across communities and time. In this project, you will study data, probability, as well as quadratic and exponential functions to model the life-cycle of epidemics. You will conduct an interview with someone who has had experience with an epidemic, and you will chart the path of an epidemic using statistics and graphing. Learn about the spread and evolution of disease and how this information helps in the development of cures by investigating Epidemic Map.

Global Awareness Infographic Mastery Project

Global Awareness Infographic

As our world becomes more connected through trade and technology, responsible global citizenship and awareness are increasingly essential. In this project, you will define and examine examples of global citizens, identify and research an international issue important to you, and create an infographic that raises awareness and inspires others to take action. Embrace your responsibility as a citizen of the world in Global Awareness Infographic.