Voice of a Generation Podcast Mastery Project

Voice of a Generation Podcast

In addition to television and print, journalism is also produced and shared in purely audio form through radio broadcasts and digital podcasts. In this project, you will learn skills and concepts that guide the work of radio-journalists, interview an individual about the most influential voice of their time, and produce a podcast that presents the story of that voice by creatively integrating different interview and sound elements. Learn about the role of a radio-journalist and produce your own podcast using the essential skills of interviewing, script-writing, and sound-editing by investigating Voice of a Generation Podcast.

Food Autobiography Mastery Project

Food Autobiography

Early farmers sowed the seeds of the future, but the crops they planted had little resemblance to the foods we eat today. In this project, you will learn where and when common foods originated, uncover your family’s culinary roots, and trace the history of your favorite ingredient across time and space. Discover the origins of our modern diet by investigating Food Autobiography.

Creation Myth

Origin Story

Questions about the origins of the universe and our place here have always been on the minds of human beings, and, across time and place, we have developed stories to help explain these phenomena. In this project, you will read and compare creation myths from different cultures around the world, discover the significance of setting, descriptive and figurative language in these narratives, and craft your own original, illustrated creation story about an element within your environment. Learn about how and why peoples around the globe have used mythological stories to make sense of the world by investigating Creation Story.