Socratic Dialogue Mastery Project

Socratic Dialogue

Throughout history, people and ideas have been banned for being perceived as threatening or dangerous. In this project, you’ll learn to ask effective and thought-provoking questions that challenge the status quo, pursue the true meaning of a common concept or idea and use the Socratic method to examine the world around you. Learn about the history of dangerous ideas in Socratic Dialogue.

Guiding Question

Crafting the right questions catalyzes a process of meaningful self-discovery. In this project, you will define key concepts for inquiring into the nature of doubt and Cartesian philosophy, practice formulating strong guiding questions in order to conduct an interview with an expert on doubt, and present your own philosophical journey based on a guiding question you formulate. Learn more about how forming and pursuing questions can help forge and challenge your identity by investigating Guiding Question.

Dream Catcher Mastery Project

Dream Catcher

Incomplete, fantastical, or frightening as they may seem, your dreams may tell you much about yourself, if you have the tools to interpret the symbols and metaphors they present. In this project, you will explore the meanings of dreams through the fields of art and psychology, engage in your own dream analysis by sharing with a trusted listener, and design a dream catcher to identify and better understand your hopes and fears for the future. Learn how to strengthen your analytical skills as you unpack metaphors and symbolism by investigating Dream Catcher.

Global Awareness Infographic Mastery Project

Global Awareness Infographic

As our world becomes more connected through trade and technology, responsible global citizenship and awareness are increasingly essential. In this project, you will define and examine examples of global citizens, identify and research an international issue important to you, and create an infographic that raises awareness and inspires others to take action. Embrace your responsibility as a citizen of the world in Global Awareness Infographic.

M.A.G.I.C. Plan Mastery Project

M.A.G.I.C. Plan

In this Mastery Project your challenge is as real as it gets: your life. The purpose of M.A.G.I.C. Plan (Mentoring Achievement of Goals and Inspiring Champions) is for you to identify a guiding light, and to learn from his or her example to create the life of which you dream. Your research and investigation will inspire you and help you clarify your goals, make a plan, and put it into motion. Highlighted throughout your M.A.G.I.C. journey are real people who demonstrate leadership, collaboration (teamwork), strategy, and endurance. You will use their lives — including their very public and scrutinized successes and failures — to reflect on your own challenges and successes, and to determine the pathways to your ideal future. You will discover to what extent you admire and learn from the experiences, failures, and wisdom of others. This will not be easy. No one can do the work for you. But this Mastery Project is all about you. The case studies are merely a starting point.

This I Believe Podcast

This I Believe Podcast

Faith, tradition, and reason often serve a lessons are often sources of beliefs, and provide a lens through which one views the world. In this project, you will inquire into the nature of truth and reality. You will, and reflect upon Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and, conduct an interview testing key concepts with someone who holds an opposing viewpoint. You will use these experiences to , and produce a podcast sharing your beliefs and how they have developed. Learn about how exploring your truths can lead to a deeper understanding of who you are by investigating This I Believe Podcast.