Sustainable Energy Plan Mastery Project

Sustainable Energy Plan

The purpose of this Mastery Project is to explore the relationship between matter in its different forms and the energy that can be produced by converting matter into fuel. You will review various types of matter, revisit kinetic and potential energy, follow the path from energy source to fuel in your home/business, practice reading energy bills from local utility companies, and interview a representative from a utility company serving your community. You goal is synthesize what you learn and to present your case for investing in a specific renewable energy source to more than 20,000 attendees at a global energy conference. You will research the cost of implementing a renewable energy source in your home, calculate the cost savings over time, determine the break-even point for your investment, and produce a video that summarizes your findings.

Tool Design Mastery Project

Tool Design

This Mastery Project requires big picture exposure to the field of I-O Psychology — its history, fundamental psychological relevance, and systems dynamics (an organization’s ability to attract and serve its employees symbiotically). Upon completion of the Mastery Project, you will be of greater value to every community in which you meaningfully engage, and you will experience a shift in your relationships with yourself, others, and the world.

Self-Portrait Mastery Project


In Self-portrait, you will examine a range of self-assessments and use them to better understand yourself and your lifelong journey of change — personal, academic, and professional. You will learn to consider each assessment’s psychological verifiability. You will critique these assessments, identifying benefits and limitations, so you may better understand both their power to assist human interaction and their potential to create barriers. You will channel your self-discovery into the creation of a self-portrait, which is explained through an artist’s statement.

Climate Forecast Mastery Project

Climate Forecast

The purpose of this investigation is to explore water’s different states and how they influence climate. You will learn about the difference between weather and climate, and how irregular weather offers clues about what to expect in the future. You will learn to explain the greenhouse effect, convert between different temperature scales, research safe CO2 levels in the atmosphere, and examine the visual images and global impact of receding glaciers. You will go outside to observe and classify different cloud formations and use your observations to predict upcoming weather. You will close your Mastery Project by creating a weather forecast for a chosen city or region around the world 50 years from today, and presented your findings in a video.