Meaning of Life Mastery Project

Meaning of Life

Photographic images are used by journalists to illustrate real-life stories of the here and now and can affect a reader’s understanding and interest in the news. In this project, you will learn skills and concepts that guide the work of photojournalists, interview and photograph an individual you believe has an interesting perspective on the meaning of life, and produce a finished piece of photojournalism based on your philosophical discussion. Learn essential skills of photography and the critical thinking behind the composition of images that daily shape the way we see the world by investigating Meaning of Life.

Voice of a Generation Podcast Mastery Project

Voice of a Generation Podcast

In addition to television and print, journalism is also produced and shared in purely audio form through radio broadcasts and digital podcasts. In this project, you will learn skills and concepts that guide the work of radio-journalists, interview an individual about the most influential voice of their time, and produce a podcast that presents the story of that voice by creatively integrating different interview and sound elements. Learn about the role of a radio-journalist and produce your own podcast using the essential skills of interviewing, script-writing, and sound-editing by investigating Voice of a Generation Podcast.

Dream Catcher Mastery Project

Dream Catcher

Incomplete, fantastical, or frightening as they may seem, your dreams may tell you much about yourself, if you have the tools to interpret the symbols and metaphors they present. In this project, you will explore the meanings of dreams through the fields of art and psychology, engage in your own dream analysis by sharing with a trusted listener, and design a dream catcher to identify and better understand your hopes and fears for the future. Learn how to strengthen your analytical skills as you unpack metaphors and symbolism by investigating Dream Catcher.

Endurance Survival Manual Mastery Project

Endurance Survival Manual

If you aspire to achieve your dreams and goals, life is sure to be filled with twists and turns that test your mental and physical endurance. In this project, you will learn from others who have overcome obstacles to achieve a life mission; gathered words of wisdom from your trusted advisors; and articulated your life plan through a survival manual that includes a timeline, inspirational quotes, and strategies for prevailing over any roadblocks you meet along the way. Create your life’s action plan in Survival Manual.

Endurance Video Mastery Project

Endurance Video

Do you have the skills necessary to achieve your goals? In this project, you will learn the techniques and methods developed by ambitious individuals who have achieved the impossible, identified a key skill you need to practice to execute a specific goal, and documented yourself developing that skill through a video diary. Challenge yourself, endure, and take the first step in achieving a personal dream by creating your own Endurance Video.