Dramatic Dialogue Mastery Project

Dramatic Dialogue

From ancient times, theater has provided an opportunity for communities to stage their challenges and rehearse ways of dealing with them. Drawing from the example of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, this project will guide you in an exploration of how social roles have evolved over time and space, allow you to identify women from history who have challenged female stereotypes, and write a script for an imagined dialogue about how society has shaped our concept of gender. Travel back in history and use your imagination to stage a vibrant dinner conversation in Dramatic Dialogue.

Future Autobiography Mastery Project

Future Autobiography

Autobiographies transport us into someone else’s world and allow us to experience life from another perspective. In this project, you will tell your own story by crafting your life mission and vision, identifying the strengths and weaknesses that will help and hinder the completion of your mission, and writing Chapter 1 of your own autobiography, from the perspective of your well-accomplished future self. Investigate your life purpose and design your path to achievement in Future Autobiography.

History Book Revision Mastery Project

History Book Revision

You may have heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what about history? Your interpretation of history depends on who the storyteller is and what point of view they are trying to preserve. In this project, you will take on the challenging role of a historian by studying seminal works on race, gender, and class, gathering the perspective of an individual who witnessed or participated an historical event and using all your discoveries to write an accurate historical account of a specific time in history. Use research and personal stories to retell history by investigation History Book Revision.