Professional Development

A Model for Perpetual and Sustainable Growth

  • Professional development for teachers

  • Professional development for teachers

We offer blended learning professional development courses to support learner-centered instructional practices. Our professional development model challenges educators to lead by example—to earn credibility by doing the Action Projects—to know their content, and most importantly, to observe and relate with their students so they may help make the content come alive.

Learn the Model

Introduces educators to course, ensuring shared language and understanding of core concepts

Master the Project

Prepares educators to teach a specific Mastery Project by customizing content and completing the Action Project

Model the Learning

Prepares educators to teach a specific course by customizing content and identifying local partners

Sustain the Model

Provides exploration of and practice in designing, facilitating and maintaining a student-centered classroom

Design the Model

Guides educators through the creation of integrated, inquiry- and project-based curriculum