Improving Outcomes

Redefining Achievement

GLM’s model cultivates students who appreciate and demonstrate autonomy, accountability, purpose, and gratitude. Through each of these, students present myriad examples of achievement (in forms that extend beyond test scores). Our Online Installations of student work (digital portfolios) open doors to universities, careers, and international study and service.

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Proof in Support of Our Model

Reinventing education is part of a necessary and global trend right now. The case is being made by charismatic and transformational thought leaders such as Sir Ken Robinson, Daniel Pink, Rita Pierson, Angela Lee Duckworth, Geoffrey Canada, Ricardo Semler, Michael Wesch, and Tom Vander Ark and the Getting Smart team. These leaders, and the masses of families they represent, clamor for engaging, purpose-driven, connected and deep learning opportunities—in school. The data is in: the traditional approach to education—with its heavy emphasis on standardized tests and siloed subjects—has failed to prepare our youth for tomorrow’s challenges and responsibilities. Recent studies from leading education institutions such as the University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, and MIT have demonstrated the positive impact of models that emphasize engagement and self-directed learning over traditional curriculum and testing.

GLM’s experiential model engages students in learning by combining essential instruction in STEAM and Humanities with inquiry and project-based learning.

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