STEAM, Humanities, and Electives

STEAM Course

STEAM courses integrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. These courses offer students the language and skills to question, communicate, and manipulate the physical world they experience every day, along with the virtual world that is at their fingertips.

Humanities Courses

Humanities courses support the development of essential English and Language Arts and Social Studies skills. Students learn the foundations requisite to demonstrate advanced critical literacy, primary and secondary source analysis, and students demonstrate these skills in both traditional and multimedia formats.

Elective Courses

Electives integrate subjects across the curriculum and include topics such as Global Peace (civic engagement, sociology, and film), Plant Mimicry (biology and art), Scoring with the Major Leagues (statistics and sociology), and If These Walls Could Talk (art, history, and civic engagement).

At A Glance

Each course contains resources to help you transform student learning: digital textbook with step-by-step lessons, sample student work, multimedia resources, Standards, assessment tools and rubrics, and support to customize the experience for your classroom.

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2-3 unit, thematic, interdisciplinary course
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Standards Alignment
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