The Global Learning Model

Our integrated curriculum is designed to engage students through inquiry and project-based learning, with an emphasis on global citizenship. The learning process is scaffolded through three stages of investigation in each unit of every course and within single-unit Mastery Projects.

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Internal Investigation

Learning Hard Skills
& Foundations

Students learn core concepts, vocabulary, and formulas necessary to understand and explore thematic content

External Investigation

Exploring World Context
& Testing Credibility

Students explore real-world applications through field experiences and connections that bridge classroom and the world

Action Projects

Demonstrating Mastery
of Concepts & Skills

Students synthesize learning from internal and external investigations to produce hands-on projects that combine hard and soft skills

A powerful foundation or engaging complement to your school

We offer a range of standards-aligned curriculum options that unite school and the world, including STEAM*, Humanities, and Elective courses. Schools can also select from over 50 Mastery Projects, which supplement existing curriculum for Grades 6-12. Comprehensive implementation of curriculum can be delivered through a full scope and sequence of our standards-aligned courses. *STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

Courses can be adopted using Edsero, Global Learning Models’ Digital Textbook (no LMS required), or may be installed for use within a pre-existing LMS (Buzz, Canvas, etc.).

Project-Based Learning

Students demonstrate mastery through individual and collaborative Action Projects. With specifically defined rubrics embedded in each course, students can capitalize on their strengths, learning styles, and interests by applying them to coursework, while teachers are able to assess, grade, and provide targeted feedback efficiently.



Integrated Subjects

Our curriculum integrates traditional subject disciplines within globally and locally relevant thematic courses. For instance, our Water course incorporates algebra, chemistry, and more:

Water | STEAM

Are you thirsty? Are you clean? Have you watered your plants today? In this course, you will explore the resource that’s essential for all life: water. Throughout the course, you will research how water usage and access compares around the world, and learn how this resource is at the same time abundant and scarce.

  • Science: .5
  • Math: .25

Course Units Traditional Subject
Unit I. 71% Pre-algebra, Earth Science
Unit II. 4.4 Billion Pre-algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science
Unit III. 212° Pre-algebra, Chemistry, Earth Science

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Blended Learning

Technology is changing how we learn, and knowing how to use it is an essential skill set for success and innovation in the workplace. GLM’s curriculum and professional development programs provide a platform for students and educators to practice blended learning and utilize appropriate high and low tech applications through digital curriculum, on-site and virtual observations, and personalized coaching.

Global Citizenship

Experiential courses show students the practical, real-world application of their learning. By equipping students and educators with a rigorous curriculum that develops critical thinking and cultural awareness, each student contributes as a global citizen to today’s increasingly boundaryless world.

Introducing a global perspective encourages students to invest themselves genuinely in their school, community and the world.

Scope and Sequence:


Global Resources
Global Context


Global Health
Global Stories


Global Design Design
Global Government


Global Enterprise
Global Vision

#LifeReady Students

Embedded within Global Learning Models curriculum, the City2ClassroomTM program provides structure and depth to External Investigations. Moreover, it proves an efficient and impactful way to implement career and technical education (CTE).

Through corporate and nonprofit partners, our program exposes students to real-world environments where they apply the subjects and skills they learn in the classroom with established professionals and industry leaders. The City2Classroom model invites employment certifications and open badging opportunities, as well.

Standards and Source Codes

Our integrated curriculum is fully accredited and developed in alignment with the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and United Nations Sustainable (formerly “Millennium”) Development Goals to ensure academic excellence. Every Global Learning Models course and Mastery Project provide documentation for cited standards alignment and source codes. All courses may be aligned with relevant state and local standards. Please contact us if you require local alignment.

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