Mastery Projects

mastery project

Mastery Projects enable educators to augment existing curriculum with dynamic, inspiring and multi-faceted units. These projects are layered atop traditional curriculum to draw out the purpose and relevance of content and enhance student engagement through all three stages of investigation: Internal, External, and Action.

Mastery Projects are a good first offering for schools. Teachers can easily incorporate these units into their existing courses. The duration for implementing Mastery Projects varies from 1-3 weeks.

At a Glance

All Mastery Projects include a license to the digital textbook along with:

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5-8 90-minute lessons
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Asessment Rubrics
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Standards Alignment
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Example of Excellence

Sample Mastery Projects

Our library of over 100 Mastery Projects are culled from individual units in our full courses. For a comprehensive list visit of courses, visit our course catalog.

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