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This mastery project introduces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while exercising fundamentals of geography and social studies.

Water Awareness

In this project, you will review basic Algebraic
concepts contextualized by a resource essential to all life on Earth: water.

Integration Without Intimidation

Our Mastery Projects are five-to-eight lesson micro-courses. Teacher guides and resources are included to support seamless integration of project-based learning and enhance single-subject classes with globally relevant, thematic learning journeys.

Students and teachers use our Mastery Projects to supplement traditional curriculum, and to infuse their learning environment with contextualized, applicable, and experiential calls to action. Mastery Projects are invitations for students to engage with the world at the same level as teachers: as global citizens.



Each Mastery Project includes five to eight lessons, a teacher’s guide, worksheets, rubrics and an example of excellence.


Mastery projects are available in multiple formats that can be easily embedded in an LMS or used independently in Google Docs and PDFs.


NextGen Science Standards
ACT College and career readiness standards


The lessons in each Mastery Project are aligned with standards, such as Common Core State Standards Initiative and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as competency frameworks, like Partnership for 21st Learning, ACT College and Career Readiness, and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Mastery Projects engage students through inquiry and project-based learning, with an emphasis on global citizenship. Our learning model scaffolds each project with an internal investigation, external investigation, and an action project.

Internal Investigation

Students learn core concepts, vocabulary, and formulas necessary to understand and explore thematic content

External Investigation

Students explore real-world applications through field experiences and connections that bridge classroom and the world

Action Projects

Students demonstrate mastery by applying what they’ve learned in the internal investigation and external investigation to scenario-based projects that combine hard and soft skills

At a Glance

All Mastery Projects include a license to the digital textbook along with:

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5-8 90-minute lessons
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Asessment Rubrics
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Standards Alignment
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Example of Excellence

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