Systems & Models

To what extent are you unique as an individual, and how do you function within the larger framework of an organization such as your school, place of worship, or job? In Systems and Models, you will explore breakthroughs in psychology; you will use the scientific method to design and carry out your own experiment; and ideally, you will conclude the course knowing how to be of greater value to yourself and others.

Course Units

How does psychology offer you different ways to think about who you are?

Self-awareness is key to understanding yourself and others. But how do you describe who you are? Which characteristics, traits, and attributes do you note? Are you able to use your observations of yourself and others to predict behaviors or interactions?

In this Unit, you will explore a range of personality assessments which have become commonplace in society. These are used to identify matches between individuals and organizations, and they often play a critical role in the process of finding potential employees who will adapt well to the organizational culture.

You will examine several assessments and use them to better understand yourself and your lifelong journey of change through various developmental stages personally, academically, and professionally.

How do your behaviors change when in the presence of others, and are you aware of these shifts?

The purpose of Unit II is to clarify the associations we choose, consciously and unconsciously, and to identify trends and patterns that lead to breakdowns and breakthroughs. By increasing your awareness of group dynamics, you will become more adept at supporting others and maximizing your opportunities for valuable leadership. You will practice team-building, scientific observation, and learn about conflict transformation. The Action Project for Unit II is a research study, applying tools for group observation and conflict transformation.

How do you find personal flow within a larger organizational mission and movement?

The purpose of U3 is to identify the synergy between individuals, groups, and organizations. More specifically, this unit requires big picture research about I-O Psych covering its history, fundamental psychological relevance, systems dynamics, and an organization’s ability to attract and serve its employees symbiotically. The Action Project for U3 is a SWOT analysis focused on an organization’s ability to bring out the best in the individuals in order to maximize its ability to fulfill its mission.

Guiding Questions for each stage of this unit are the following:

  • I: How do you contextualize and apply breakthroughs from the field of I-O Psychology?
  • E: How has I-O changed your experience of the world and relationships with others?
  • A: Why do people seek and trust the assistance of consultants?

  • Science: .5
  • ISS: .25


Traditional Subject Course Units SCED Codes
Unit I: Individual
Unit II. Group
Unit III. Organization


Traditional Subject Course Units SCED Codes
Unit III. Organization
Unit II. Group
Unit I: Individual