Game Changers

How can you harness the power of play?

The experience of playing games is universal across ages, spaces, and time. Games can consist of complicated pieces, books, and tables or could be as simple as using your own hands to do the playing. The advancement of technology has allowed video games to come into play in the past 50 years, as well.

In this course, you are invited to a behind-the-scenes look at tabletop games. How do you play and how do you play your best? After a closer look at the playing process, you will try your hand at game design with the ultimate goal of creating your own game from scratch.

What is the thought process behind playing a game?

In this unit, you will learn the reason play is significant, how games are structured, and the rules that govern them. You will have played through games, making assessments as to what works and what does not, what is fun and what isn’t and if it matters. By the end of the Internal Investigation, you will have the tools to talk about games from a critical stance.

The Action Project for this Unit is to make game recommendations for members of your community. You will break down the needs of the group and decide how to best meet them through games.

What is the design process that results in a great game?

In this unit, you will play the role of a designer, learning about the decisions that go into game creation from a concept up to distribution. You will look at the prototyping process and explore many examples of games in various stages of their productions. As you demonstrate your understanding of this process in your Action Project, you will create your own tabletop game and play-test it, making notes about what is good and bad, and make adjustments to improve your game.