How does energy fuel society? To pursue this question, you will use Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics to learn how our society uses fuel, and to predict the future of energy. Looking at both renewable and nonrenewable resources, you will learn about the pros and cons of societies based on different energy sources, and explore possibilities for alternatives.

Course Units

What is the nature of the “natural resources”?


The purpose of this unit is to:

  • Investigate the chemical, molecular, and geometric composition of E-producing resources
  • Explore where and how they occur in nature
  • Present a slideshow that summarizes your investigation of one e-producing resource


Guiding questions you will pursue are:

  • What is the composition of the natural resources used to produce energy?
  • Where and why do these resources exist in nature?
  • How do they occur and regenerate?

How does matter become energy?

In this Unit you will:

  • Define energy, measure and convert it in different units, and understand the concept of functions;
  • Explore how energy is generated by different methods;
  • Present a case study of how your e-producing resource heats/cools a limited environment.

Some sub questions you will pursue are:

  • What is energy and how can it be measured?
  • How are different e-producing resources converted into energy?
  • What is the energy cost of the different e-producing resources?

How do you decide if energy production justifies pollution?

Unit Summary: In this Unit you will study pollution and its relationship with the principle of “conservation”, by exploring different pollutants, learning how to balance mathematical & chemical equations and, lastly, evaluating the pros & cons of energy production. Other guiding questions you will pursue are:

  • What is the chemistry of pollution?
  • How do we investigate energy production and its byproducts?
  • How do we defend our opinions about resources & their impact?

  • Science: .25
  • Math: .5


Traditional Subject Course Units SCED Codes
Algebra Unit I. Resources 02052
Algebra Unit II. Energy 02002
Algebra Unit III. Pollution 02054


Traditional Subject Course Units SCED Codes
Chemistry, Earth Science Unit I. Resources 03159
Chemistry Unit II. Energy 03105
Chemistry Unit III. Pollution 03101